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Punk Kitchen

09. Nov 2009 Punk Kitchen

This backdrop is not only custom made, its hand made in all its steps!
We handcut all the foil needed for all those details and logos etc...

Keep in mind that there are pre cuting plotter times to our workshop.

And to have it hanging smooth we again used the screenprinting paint
as spraypaint.     _it's even washable at 40°

Punk Kitchen

Investigating Sex

26. Jan 2004 InvSexBlog

YEAH, finally Thibault and I made it.. 8hrs/19hrs/6hrs
and this ↑ 'Butcher-Shop' and opposite a 'Steel-Cage' were ready to shoot!

We used a variety, differently dyed, of this very nice, super glossy plastic seal for the finishing Layer, giving these imitated tiles the certain feel, been kicking.

Unfortunately this thick layer dried a little slowly..

I think the ArriSun has been our savior in this hastily production   _he he.

24 heures de la vie d'une femme

08. Jan 2003 jetee promenade nice

Voilá..  that is the original!

-Jetée Promenade-    Nice.  ~1890
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